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ARCH Program and Services

ARCH in collaborative partnership with campuses across Los Angeles County can support both students and existing campus resources by providing education, referral, assessment, and stigma-reducing mental health information to students online and on-campus. Our goal is two-fold: prevention, and to support students in need of direct assistance due to ongoing needs. Because of challenges facing the capacity of existing campus resources, we are particularly focused on being a critical resource for students who are on the fence about seeking mental health support—students who may have questions about mental health but feel they are not ready to reach out to the campus counseling offices.

We are also a community resource to parents who may have questions about how mental health services can support students.

ARCH is currently in collaboration with Rio Hondo CollegePasadena City CollegeEast Los Angeles College, and Citrus College. However, our program is open to all students from any school.

All of our services and workshops are completely free to all students.

Services Offered

Brief Needs Assessment – A brief session to help identify your current needs (mental health, well-being, housing, accessibility, etc.)


Referral to Needed Services – Assistance in being referred to off-campus services and resources based on your needs.


One-on-One Resource Management – Assistance in navigating the different resources available for you and determining which are the best for your current needs.


Workshops – We offer weekly workshops that cover various topics in relation to: mental health, wellness, skill-building, academics, resources, etc. For those interested in attending our workshops, visit: ARCH Workshops

ARCH Sessions

For those interested in accessing our services, you can complete the appointment form below.

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