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Vaccination Program

APIDC was invited by the Chicago-based Asian Health Coalition (AHC) to participate in a vaccination education program funded by the National Council on Aging. The program is a partnership with the University of Chicago School of Medicine. The program seeks to reduce barriers to vaccination, including through culturally and linguistically appropriate information and services.

To kick off the program, APIDC hosted a Community Listening Session at the Chinatown Service Center (CSC) satellite office in Monterey Park on July 3, through the generous support of CSC Chair Vinh Ngo, a Bank of America executive who has been a long-time APIDC supporter. Thirteen community friends shared their perceptions on and experiences with vaccinations. This invaluable data collected from the listening session is now being considered by AHC as it creates culturally and linguistically appropriate information, a key component to empowering our communities to make informed decisions about health.

APIDC rolled out in-person educational events on the benefits of vaccinations, what to expect when receiving vaccinations, and resources to receive vaccination. More information on the V- PROTECT Program can be found at This program was successfully concluded in March 2024.

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